Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I am officially retiring my "random thoughts" blog.

From now on I will be posting, along with Jes at our new blog:



Thursday, September 27, 2007


I know it's been forever...I apologize!

Good news though.....

ALL NEW BLOG COMING SOON! Featuring the newly married Crisps!

Check back soon for details!

Monday, June 04, 2007

What am I up to?

So the past few weeks have been extremely crazy. I am taking summer classes...4 classes plus and internship....crazy, I know! But the good news is that I will officially complete my college education at the end of July.

So, as you can imagine, time is very limited for me these days with classes and my internship and getting ready for a wedding. It amazes me when I think back to the good ole days of summer vacations!

A few weeks ago, I spent the week in NC painting our house, which was a blast. It's very rewarding to paint. You start with something that looks ugly and turn it into something beautiful. I think it is amazing that God put in each of us the same desire to create and improve that is such an intrugal part of His nature.

As I mentioned, I am working as an Intern at RightMinds Advertising in Richmond, VA. It has been a great experience thus far, and I'm sure I'll blog more on it another time.

Jes and I and my parents were able to go to Dallas over Memorial Day weekend to visit my brother Patrick and his wife Jana (who is 8 moths pregnant)! We had a great time traveling together and spending time with our family.

I'll update more soon...I promise!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Yet I Will Praise

This past Sunday, I sang an old Vineyard song at church. The words are really powerful, so I thought I'd share them here...

"Yet I Will Praise"

I will praise You Lord my God
Even in my brokenness I will praise You Lord
I will praise You Lord my God
Even in my desperation I will praise You Lord

And I can't understand All that You allow
I just can't see the reason
But my life is in Your hands And though I cannot see You
I choose to trust You

Even when my heart is torn I will praise You Lord
Even when I feel deserted I will praise You Lord
Even in my darkest valley I will praise You Lord
And when my world is shattered and it seems all hope is gone
Yet I will praise You Lord

I will trust You Lord my God
Even in my loneliness I will trust You Lord
I will trust You Lord my God Even when I cannot hear You
I will trust You Lord
And I will not forget That You hung on a cross
Lord You bled and died for me
And if I have to suffer I know that You've been there
And I know that You're here now

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

10 months together!

As of today, Jes and I have been officially "together" for 10 months. Over these past months, I have changed and grown up so much. Being in this relationship has been so significant for my spiritual growth and development into the man that God desires me to be.

Jes is such an amazing encouragement to me...even without saying a word, she inspires me to grow and strive for more and better in every aspect of my life. She is an amazing woman, and I am so honored to have her as my future wife and my best friend.

As we head into the final months of preparation for marriage (only 4 months to go!), I am filled with excitement for the beginning of a new life together. There has been such a natural progression as each of us have become the priority in the other's life. Other than my relationship with God, there is nothing more important to me than my relationship with Jes. She is the person that I turn to for comfort, encouragement, support, and love. I can't wait until we are able to come home to one another at the end of every day.

During this time, I also find myself thinking about all the things that I lack and the things in my life that need so much work. It's so easy sometimes to be disappointed by your own faults and shortcomings...but God is faithful to forgive and restore, and I have faith that He is in control of my life and that he will provide all of our needs as we get ready to be married.

As I was reading today, this verse really spoke to me and where I am right now. I think that it applies no matter where we are in life. No matter our circumstances...our purpose remains the same...to do His will!

"May the God of peace, who through the blood of the eternal covenant brought back from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him through Jesus Christ..."
-Hebrews 13:20-21

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another wedding weekend...

This past weekend, Jes and I had the pleasure of attending her Aunt's wedding in Asheboro. It was fun because it was a sort of "preview" weekend of our wedding. It was held at the same church, and the reception and rehearsal dinner were also at the same place that ours will be.

I had so much fun spending time with Jes' family. It's very neat to have new family members...they even included me in the official family picture...I felt very honored!

Below are some pictures from the weekend.

Jes and Me @ the rehearsal dinner

Stealing a kiss on the golf course!

Us being silly in the car!

@ the wedding with Amanda and Nate (future sister and brother-in-law)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today we are all Hokies...

The past days have been emotionally charged all across the nation, but especially here in Virginia, as we have watched and listened to the tragic reports from the Virginia Tech campus.

I think the sentiment that I have heard numerous times today, that on this day we are all hokies, is so true. Each of us have been affected by this tragedy, and hearts are breaking all across America.

This makes me wonder why? Why do we all feel the effects of an event that happened in a small town in the mountains of Virginia?

There is such a beautiful sense of community that arises out of tragedies such as this. Across the country, we mourn with those who mourn. My wish is that those directly affected by the shooting at VA Tech will feel our embrace as we mourn their loss with them.

I pray that in this tragedy many people will come to know the hope that is only found in Jesus. In this very hopeless situation in which evil is so obvious, may eyes be opened to see the grace, strength, and peace that give us hope in Christ.