Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Random Thoughts Photography

I have a new passion for photography. Yesterday, my editor loaned me his digital camera for a reporting assignment. I decided to take it home and play around a little. I went downtown and just shot some random pictures. I think they tured out rather well. I am going to buy my own digital camera soon, so hopefully I'll learn more about photography and will be able to take more pictures.

Check out my pictures here.

I've also added a link under "sites". Check back often.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

20 Things to Know

As I flipped through the pages of the May/June issue of Relevant Magazine, I came across some beneficial and very practical advice for those of us in our 20's...I guess I'm not quite there (5 months to go!); even lacking these crucial, life-defining 5 months, I found the information presented to be very applicable, so I thought I'd share.

to know
in your
by Colin Creel

1 Live below your means
Look at a guy's checkbook to find out what's important to him. What would your examination say? Managing your resources well often hinges on your ability to live below your means. Take one look at the abundance of consumer debt in our nation, and you'll recognize that millions of people are learding the hard way. Read I Timothy 6:9-11

2 Live life like an adventure, do not merely endure it
If our lives are so planned, so rigid, we may miss cool opportunities along the way. Take the time to slow down and see where God might take you.

3 Honor God with your resources
Circumstances differ greatly: whatever your position or condition, God calls us to be good stewards of the resources He has entrusted us. Honoring God with the resources entrusted to you is a discipline cultivated over time.

4 Create a clear picture of your "dream" spouse
Take out a sheet of paper and recognize those traits, both physical and emotional, that are important to you. Wait and pray.

5 Stop wrestling with God
Our obedience to God and the development of our character are intimately linked. A life of obedience begins with obeying God in the seemingly inconsequential items.

6 Wait on God's timing
Wating drives us closer and makes us more reliant on God. God's timing is perfect.

7 Do not settle for anything less than God's best
How often do we settle for instantaneous gratification in lieu of God's best?

8 Take time to fill up
Determine those activities that recreate you, and guard that treasured time.

9 Critique your bookshelf (and music collection)
What types of ideas/thoughts enter your mind through popular reading material? What messages are you sending through your bookshelf?

10 Pay God, Pay yourself, Pay your bills
Tithing is an eternal investment. Much like your honor, if you screw up your credit, it takes a long time to earn it back.

11 Establish perspective
Take inventory of your strengths and weaknesses. Set yourself up for success.

12 Invest in people
No amount of material wealth will fill the void of human beings to love, care for and support you. Write encouraging notes. Tell people you care about them.

13 Pay your dues
Work hard consistently. Don't be in such a hurry to climb to the top. Think of each job as an opportunity to enhance your skill set. You sill sets will be your greatest asset.

14 Chirst doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies those He calls
You don't have to know everything. Relax. God desires a man or woman after His own heart first a foremost. Spend time with the Lord daily, listening to His desires for your life.

15 Face your fears
When fear strikes, will you trust that the Lord "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future"?

16 Guard agains the tyranny of the urgent
Prioritize daily. Establish boundaries for yourself and, at times, barriers for others.

17 Enjoy your freedom
Work hard. Play hard. Don't lament what you don't have, enjoy what you do have.

18 Establish disciplines
Structure will provide you more freedom. Rest. Eat healty. Exercise. Rmember that old habits die hard.

19 Write down your prayers
Remember what God has done for you. Slow down and thank God for answered prayers.

20 Dream
"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart". Dream big dreams. Move aside and watch God work. Do not let the world dampen your enthusiasm or optimism.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

My Celebrity Playlist


I have an addiction to iTunes. I don't buy a ton of music, but I am known to spend large quantities of time browsing and listening to samples of varied music stylings. One of my favorite indulgences is to browse the celebrity playlists. In my opinion, looking at a person's music preferences reveals much about one's personality, and since its highly unlikely that I will ever meet or be in relationship with anyone of noteable fame, it is somehow satisfying to unpeel a layer of separation and plasticity of a celebrity by checking out their listening proclivities. Not only am I consumed with fascination, but also fantasy. That's right, I dream of seeing my name along with my music choices listed beside Mariah Carey, Nicole Kidman, and numerous other musicians and actors. So...since this also is not likely in the near future, I decided to share a couple of my playlists here.

Title: SUMMER 2005

Song ------------------------Artist -------------------------Album

1 Crazy-------------------------------Javier---------------------------------Javier
2 Somersault------------------------Zero 7------------------------------- When It Falls
3 Fall to Pieces ---------------------Avril Lavigne------------------------Under My Skin
4 Happy-----------------------------Meleni Smith-------------------------Hitch Soundtrack
5 Gone Going-----------------------Black Eyed Peas----------------------Monkey Business
6 Speed of Sound------------------Coldplay-------------------------------X&Y
7 Love Train------------------------The O'Jays-----------------------------Hitch Soundtrack
8 Bad Girl----------------------------Usher----------------------------------Confessions
9 Chariot-----------------------------Gavin DeGraw------------------------Chariot
10 Sitting, Waiting, Wishing-------Jack Johnson--------------------------In Between Dreams
11 Can't Have My Heart-----------Javier-----------------------------------Javier
12 Ooh Wee--------------------------Mark Ronson--------------------------Hitch Soundtrack
13 Behind These Hazel Eyes------Kelly Clarkson-------------------------Breakaway
14 You and Me----------------------Lifehouse------------------------------Lifehouse
15 Who Knows----------------------Avril Lavigne--------------------------Under My Skin
16 Woman--------------------------Maroon 5--------------------------------Spider Man 2 Soundtrack
17 Never Gonna Let You Go-----Omarion---------------------------------Hitch Soundtrack
18 Don't Phunk With My Heart--Black Eyed Peas-----------------------Monkey Business
19 1 Thing---------------------------Amerie---------------------------------Hitch Soundtrack
20 Confessions Part II-------------Usher-----------------------------------Confessions
21 We Belong Together------------Mariah Carey-------------------The Emancipation of Mimi
22 A Message-----------------------Coldplay--------------------------------X&Y
23 I Can't Get Next to You--------The Temptations---------------------Hitch Soundtrack
24 Smile Like You Mean It-------The Killers----------------------------Hot Fuss
25 Untitled-------------------------Simple Plan----------------------------Still Not Getting Any...



1 Naked As We Came---------------Iron And Wine-----------------Our Endless Numbered Days
2 Fix You-----------------------------Coldplay----------------------------X&Y
3 A Lack of Color--------------------Death Cab For Cutie--------------Transatlanticism
4 Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight----Amos Lee--------------------------Amos Lee
5 Cannonball-------------------------Damien Rice----------------------O
6 The Scientist-----------------------Coldplay---------------------------A Rush of Blood to the Head
7 Come Away With Me-------------Norah Jones-----------------------Come Away With Me
8 Eastern Glow----------------------The Album Leaf-------------------In A Safe Place
9 Delicate----------------------------Damien Rice-----------------------O
10 If You Leave--------------------Nada Surf---------------------------Music From The OC: Mix 2
11 Warm Sound---------------------Zero 7-------------------------------When It Falls
12 Trouble---------------------------Coldplay----------------------------Parachuetes
13 Walnut Tree----------------------Keane---------------------------Somewhere Only We Know (EP)
14 Move On--------------------------Jet----------------------------------Get Born
15 Swallowed in the Sea-----------Coldplay----------------------------X&Y
16 Soul Suckers---------------------Amos Lee--------------------------Amos Lee
17 The Beauty of Who You Are----Mark Broussard-----------------Carencro
18 Something Pretty-----------------Patrick Park---------------------Lonliness Knows My Name
19 Amie--------------------------------Damien Rice---------------------O
20 Bonus Track-----------------------Coldplay--------------------------X&Y
21 Black Balloon----------------------Goo Goo Dolls-------------------Dizzy Up The Girl
22 The Long Day Is Over-----------Norah Jones----------------------Come Away With Me
23 Comfortable----------------------John Mayer----------------------Inside Wants Out (EP)
24 Bananna Pancakes---------------Jack Johnson--------------------In Between Dreams
25 Belief------------------------------Gavin DeGraw--------------------Chariot-Stripped