Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A pretty sad looking gingerbread house....

These pictures are from over Christmas break when Jes and I made a gingerbread house togehter.

I love making new memories together!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This one's for you, Jana...

So, over the weekend, I talked to my brother Patrick, and his wife Jana, and she commented that I hadn't posted in a long time and wanted to see some pictures. Well, unfortunately I haven't taken any in quite a while, but here is a pic of my family the night that Jes and I got engaged.

Also, here is a link to our page on "The Knot". Check us out!

It's been a while...

Right now, I am sitting in my Communications Law class listening to a debate about 1st Amendment rights.

This is not as exciting as the rest of my life.

It's been a little while...okay, a long while....since I've written on here, so I just want to give an update on all of the amazing things that are going on in my life...all of the extravagant blessings that the Lord is pouring out on me.

As of today, Jes and I have been engaged for 1 month. Time has flown by! I guess to sum up the past month of my life, I will quote Charles Dickens.

"It was the best of times; it was the worst of times!"

The past month has been the best time of my life. I have felt such love, direction, security, acceptance, excitment and numerous other emotions. Jes and I have had such fun planning the wedding, the reception and the honeymoon. But mostly we have enjoyed planning our life together after we get married. (By the way...214 days and counting!)

On the other hand, the past month has been so hard for us. Each time we have to leave each other gets harder and harder. It makes living day to day life so hard knowing that so many great things are awaiting us. But I have to keep reminding myself that God's timing is perfect and that He still has a plan and a purpose for this season of my life. other areas of my life...

School is in full swing, and is taking up a lot of time. I am doing a lot of writing, but it's not as bad as I was expecting.

Worship team is going great! Our guitar player has taken over some of the administrative duties that I was handling, which has been a great help with so much school this semester. The past few weeks, we have really felt the Holy Spirit's presence during our worship service, and I have been so humbled that God is using me as a part of this amazing group of musicians and worshipppers.

Well, that's it for now.

I'll try to update soon.

Friday, January 05, 2007

We're Engaged!

On Saturday, December 30 my beautiful girlfriend Jes agreed to marry me.

We got engaged in Richmond overlooking the downtown buildings and then met our parents for dinner at Maggiano's.

This picture was taken when we walked up the stairs at the restaurant. I surprised Jes by asking her parents to drive up from North Carolina and meet us after I proposed. Jes was so surprised. It was such a special time to share with one another and our families.

Less than a week into our engagement we already have quite a few plans made, I am very excited as we move forward and progress into a new stage of life together.

We are planning a September wedding, which seems like a lifetime away, but will allow us time to get things ready, and for me to finish school and move down to NC.

I just wanted to share my exciting news!