Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another wedding weekend...

This past weekend, Jes and I had the pleasure of attending her Aunt's wedding in Asheboro. It was fun because it was a sort of "preview" weekend of our wedding. It was held at the same church, and the reception and rehearsal dinner were also at the same place that ours will be.

I had so much fun spending time with Jes' family. It's very neat to have new family members...they even included me in the official family picture...I felt very honored!

Below are some pictures from the weekend.

Jes and Me @ the rehearsal dinner

Stealing a kiss on the golf course!

Us being silly in the car!

@ the wedding with Amanda and Nate (future sister and brother-in-law)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today we are all Hokies...

The past days have been emotionally charged all across the nation, but especially here in Virginia, as we have watched and listened to the tragic reports from the Virginia Tech campus.

I think the sentiment that I have heard numerous times today, that on this day we are all hokies, is so true. Each of us have been affected by this tragedy, and hearts are breaking all across America.

This makes me wonder why? Why do we all feel the effects of an event that happened in a small town in the mountains of Virginia?

There is such a beautiful sense of community that arises out of tragedies such as this. Across the country, we mourn with those who mourn. My wish is that those directly affected by the shooting at VA Tech will feel our embrace as we mourn their loss with them.

I pray that in this tragedy many people will come to know the hope that is only found in Jesus. In this very hopeless situation in which evil is so obvious, may eyes be opened to see the grace, strength, and peace that give us hope in Christ.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pictures up...

Very Classy!
Originally uploaded by random thoughts photography.
As promised...I posted some pictures from the wedding in GA a few weekends ago on my Flickr site.

There aren't very many, cuz most that I took on my friends camera were really blurry....but there are a few good ones.

I edited them a little more than I usually do. I think some of them turned out pretty neat!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Day

I found this pretty cool video on YouTube....I love the song. It's "New Day" by Kate Havnevik.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A long, long weekend

This past weekend, Jes and I traveled to GA for our friend Laura's wedding. Jes was a bridesmaid in the wedding and I sang.

On the way, we went somewhat off the normal path and stopped by the resort that we are looking at for our honeymoon. We really liked it and will most likely be staying there. It is Chetola Resort in Blowing Rock, NC (it's one of the red dots on the map above)!

We loved the privacy and gorgeous atmosphere that the resort offers. The rooms are great and it is such a pretty location and a neat little town.

So from there we traveled through the mountains of NC and TN and then south to GA where we met up with some of our closest friends from when we were at Southern Wesleyan for the wedding. We were able to spend some really fun time with our friends on Friday night and then the wedding was on Saturday afternoon.

There was plenty for us to do, and we really enjoyed being able to help out with everything. I ended up helping to set up some for the reception and got to spread out rose petals and such. It was fun! The wedding was really nice and It was such a neat experience to be at a wedding with the woman that I will be marrying in LESS THAN 5 MONTHS!!!

Unfortunately, I was a slacker and literally have no pictures from the wedding. I forgot my camera in the car, plus I was running around too much to have taken many pics. A friend is going to send me some though, so I will upload those when I get them.

After the wedding we traveled up to SWU and stayed the night there with some friends. It was fun to be back for a few hours, but also kind of strange to be back after so much change has occurred in my life. It was really good to see some good friends, even though it was such a short stay.

Then it was back to NC where Jes had an American Cancer Society fundraiser on Sunday afternoon. That was fun! It was a Biker's rally and ride, so we got to check out some pretty sweet Harley's!

Monday morning it was back to VA for me, and back to work for Jes. It was a very long and tiring weekend, but it was great fun. We were able to spend a lot of time together talking and singing in the car, really just enjoying one another's company.

(According to MapQuest our trip this weekend totaled 1366 miles and 24 hours!!!!)