Sunday, November 07, 2004

"Late Night Rantings"

So, tonight was our last performance of The Rivals, and even though I had a lot of fun this weekend performing, I am not very sad to see it end. I am looking forward to my evenings consisting of more than rehearsals. This show was very different from any other that I have participated in. The cast was very diverse and unique. It was nice because some of my really good friends were a part of the cast, but also, at times I was very irritated by the unprofessional way that much of the cast acted. Rehearsals were very long and many people seemed to be distracted very easily. However, I was pleased with the final results. I really feel that we performed well and I feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction now that it is over.

Ok, so I don't really have anything specific to write about tonight. I'm sitting in Whitley's office, i'm on sad! I'm listening to MUTE MATH on their website...they rock my face off! It's good late night music. It's strange how some things are just better suited for late at night. You know the feeling when its so late that everything seems incredibly hilarious? Or when everything becomes louder? Some music is good late night music. Some food is good late night food. I've heard it said before that nothing good happens after midnight...I beg to differ! I am such a night owl. My creative juices start flowing late at night! Some of the most meaningful, intimate converstations I've had happen late at night. Have you ever turned on your tv past 3 am? You will find some of the most random things...I think it's hilarious!

I suffer greatly from late night cravings. More often than not its for Ben and Jerry's! Sometimes I crave the strangest things...bloomin' onion from Outback, toast and peanut butter, banannas, chai tea, hot chocolate, popcorn, macaroni and cheese, did i mention cheesecake (my fav!)...the list could go on and on. Not to mention the numberless things that I crave that have nothing to do with food. Sometimes I crave seclusion, other times I crave attention. Many times late at night I become highly aware of my cravings for love. Sometimes I crave a back massage or a sweet song or a long embrace.

What are your late night cravings or fav. late night memories?

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

"Piano Rocker Rocks My Face Off"

I've added a new link to my music list. You've got to check this guy out, for real! Ben Jelen (pronounced "yellin" for those who were wonderin'). This guy is "funk nasty"...I had to get in my daily drop of ghetto vocab...who am I kidding? I'm the whitest white boy there is! So anyway, I was surfing the web earlier today in search of a great musical talent...I'm so tired of tenni-bopper chicks who think they can sing, flaunting their stuff...or lack thereof...all over the place. It's so refreshing to hear real talent these days. So I was searching on Itunes and came across this guy's stuff. I listened to a few clips and proceeded to his website...which is "off the chain" btw (there's some more ghetto vocab. for ya!) After...oh 5 seconds...I was sold. So I headed off the the great world of Wally and bought his CD "Give It All Away". All the way home and in the 3 hours since I've been soaking in some incredible tunes! His music is a beautiful marriage of piano and rockin' vocals. Not only does this guy rock it on the piano, but he also plays the guitar and violin. If only I could sing like this guy...oh well!

A few quotes from Ben's site:

"Ben Jelen's debut album, GIVE IT ALL AWAY (Maverick), showcases a self-taught musician whose introspective songs are balanced by an optimistic belief in new beginnings."

"Over lush instrumentation, Jelen tells a poet's tale. His lyrics explore the burn of passion, the nostalgia that remains when the fire cools, and the bittersweet emotions at each end of the spectrum."

"My musical process is organic and emotional, and Maverick was willing to let me be who I am, he reveals, I write songs about things that have stirred and inspired me, and I record when my feelings are fresh to preserve those emotions."

"Ben explains, I donít write just one type of song, Ben explains, I write what I see, do, and feel. The blood boiling when you're angry, you're pulse racing when you're excited: that's what's important. When I feel like that, the song already exists in my mind and I just start writing."