Monday, June 04, 2007

What am I up to?

So the past few weeks have been extremely crazy. I am taking summer classes...4 classes plus and internship....crazy, I know! But the good news is that I will officially complete my college education at the end of July.

So, as you can imagine, time is very limited for me these days with classes and my internship and getting ready for a wedding. It amazes me when I think back to the good ole days of summer vacations!

A few weeks ago, I spent the week in NC painting our house, which was a blast. It's very rewarding to paint. You start with something that looks ugly and turn it into something beautiful. I think it is amazing that God put in each of us the same desire to create and improve that is such an intrugal part of His nature.

As I mentioned, I am working as an Intern at RightMinds Advertising in Richmond, VA. It has been a great experience thus far, and I'm sure I'll blog more on it another time.

Jes and I and my parents were able to go to Dallas over Memorial Day weekend to visit my brother Patrick and his wife Jana (who is 8 moths pregnant)! We had a great time traveling together and spending time with our family.

I'll update more soon...I promise!